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Tuesday, 30th August 2016

About Northampton National School

The place name Northampton is about one hundred and fifty years old.
Sometime in the 1840s, a gentleman called Giles Mahon bought an estate of
112.5 acres.  The townsland was then known as Pollnaveagh (The lair of the
deer).  He proceeded to build a mansion called Northampton House on the
estate.  Local tenants were employed to work on the farm and in the house.  The
expression “going up to Northampton” resulted in the name Pollnaveagh being
replaced by Northampton.
Our school is dedicated to St. Bridget and we always celebrate La’le Bride with
the making of the Crosog Bride, with songs, poems, stories and an exploration of
pisreoga & customs associated with St. Bridget.  In our school, we have always
had keen interest in local history and folklore and we have built up an
interesting collection.  Children enjoy Music, Drama, and Art and
enthusiastically pursue sport, especially hurling, football, camogie, soccer and
It has always been part of the school ethos to provide a holistic education for
all the children in our care.  We are conscious that we are educating children
for life.  Our Green School Scheme educates our pupils to be responsible and
environmentally aware.  Our pupils are encouraged to develop themselves a spirit
of generosity towards all people and the environment.  Our pupils by their
examples and awareness will encourage others to follow this path.
We have a school website which may be accessed at
This website is kept up to date with news bulletins / photos, letters etc.,
We have a successful and active parents association which we encourage all to
be part of.  There is a wonderful social aspect to the events run through the
year in association with the Board of Management.